Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Corbett C. McCarthy I have been a collector of fine art for over 50 years. It has been an obsession, it was and still is a way of escaping from all that has been thrown against me by the forces of nature.
A number of years ago I was at the top of my game , then a setback - it didn't stop me I overcame a triple bypass and made a remarkable recovery. Everything was going well until the bottom fell out, A fall caused an Abdominal Aneurysm  it was  6.9 by 4.8 centimeters.
I survived, in fact I am in the record books - I was featured in a Health Views Magazine to encourage others to never give up. But when I returned home I found that my computer had been hacked into my two scumbags, that's putting it lightly. All of what I had worked on for over 20 plus years was destroyed, it hurt and to this day continues - I believe in Karma "Good and Bad" - so I'll leave it up to the forces above to seek justice. I was once told that everything in nature follows in a certain order and that we have no control.
But enough of that, "I'm back" - at one time I was #84 in the world when "You Tube" came into existence - I could use keywords like magic, my website was a part of me - I decided it's time to begin again ---- "So Enjoy"