A CUT ABOVE FAMOUS ART FORGERS                      

“Luigi Cugini”: was arrested in an undercover sting operation of counterfeit art.




August 26, 2010:

Pompano Beach, Florida


The FBI reported that he was trying to sell counterfeit Picasso, Matisse, and John Singer Sargent paintings.

He also forged Sotheby’s documents with the intent to provide the authenticity of the paintings.

He was charged after he mailed the documents to a undercover FBI agent.

"ART TYCOON", Corbett McCarthy acquires a collection of art by perhaps the greatest Art Forger of the 20th Century into the Millennium who baffled the FBI for at least 40 years

At sixty eight years old Luigi Cugini, was known only as a Boston Barber, he is said to have boasted to many of his customers that he was the grandson of Joseph Arthur Coletti (1898-1973), a sculptor from the Boston area.

Luigi Cugini marketed his paintings as having been part of Coletti’s personal collection, saying that they were worth millions of dollars.